Suggestions for the D 2.0 Programming Language

First of all don’t take this article to negative. I really like the D programming language and often when I have to go back to C++ coding im sitting in front the code thinking “Oh this would be so much easier in D” or “This could be solved much cleaner in D”.
I recently completed 3 Projects using the D 2.0 programming language:
– A implementation of the Light Propagation Volumes algorithm
– A 3d multiplayer cross platfrom (windows / linux) space shooter
– A lisp interpreter (with almost all Scheme features)

The two 3D projects have been done using OpenGL and are very performance critical. You only get to spend 16ms every frame until it has to be completely rendered otherwise you won’t reach fluent framerates. The lisp interpreter was performance critical too, but more of a test how good D is usable as a systems programming language.

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D 2.0 Stacktrace

I wrote a small piece of sourcecode that generates stacktraces in D 2.0 under windows. It works both with the pdb and cv debug symbol format. For Exceptions that are derived from the Error or Exception class the trace information is automatically appended, this causes all builtin D errors to get a stacktrace information. The only point where this does not work is the Access Vioaltion error, as it does not call the stacktrace callback function for some reason.

stack trace example

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