Winamp AlienFX Plugin

I made plugin for Alienwares AlienFX Device that comes with every Alienware laptop and computer. Currently the following models are supported:

  • Area51 m15x
  • All Powerfull m15x
  • All Powerfull m17x
  • All Powerfull m11x

A demonstration of the plugin by Lord_Zath form NBR ( can be found at:

Download: (257 kb)

Please be shure to read the README file. It contains important instructions howto setup and configure the plugin! Also I want to thank Lord_Zath for helping me test the plugin and writing the README file. A thank you also goes to all the people on NBR which are taking part in the developement of this plugin.

If you have a Alienware laptop / computer that is not yet supported and you are willing to help me developing the support for it, please contact me, and I will built in the support for your model.

Update 31.10.2010: Fixed that the plugin is crashing winamp when closing winamp or stopping the plugin. The plugin now also automatically detects on which alienware laptop it is running.