Alienfx winamp plugin update

As no one picked up the developement on the winamp plugin after I released the sourcecode and new alienware laptops keep coming out every year, so I decided to put a litte bit more work into the winamp alienfx plugin. With this update users are able to add support for new laptops themselfs by editing a xml file. I will explain here how to create the xml file.
To download the plugin go to the original post: AlienFX Winamp plugin
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Easyhook tipps and tricks

I wanted to hook the WinApi funktion CreateFile, CloseHandle, ReadFile and WriteFile to decode a device protocol. So I searched for a hooking library in the internet. Unfortunately the only good one for c++ was detour from Mircrosoft which was free only for x86 non comercial use. As my laptop runs with a x64 Windows Vista this was no option for me. So I found easyhook, a c# hooking library. It was quite easy to achive the first success with it, but then I had a few small problems for which I want to describe the solutions here.
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