AlienFX Winamp plugin update & source

With some help of Nils Reichert I was able to modifiy my AlienFX Winamp plugin so that it now supports the M17X R3. It should also support the M15X R3 now as the used AlienFX devices should be the same. You can find the download locations in my old post:

>>> Winamp AlienFX Plugin <<<

I also decided to release the source code for both the plugin itself and the led tester I’ve written, so that someone else can continue the developement as I don’t have time for it anymore. You can freely modifiy the programm under the following conditions:

  • you have to name me as original author
  • you may not use it for anything commercial
  • you have to distribute it under the same conditions then I do

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
AlienFX Winamp Plugin von Benjamin Thaut steht unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung-Nicht-kommerziell-Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Deutschland Lizenz.


Winamp AlienFX Plugin

I made plugin for Alienwares AlienFX Device that comes with every Alienware laptop and computer. Currently the following models are supported:

  • Area51 m15x
  • All Powerfull m15x
  • All Powerfull m17x
  • All Powerfull m11x

A demonstration of the plugin by Lord_Zath form NBR ( can be found at:

Download: (257 kb)

Please be shure to read the README file. It contains important instructions howto setup and configure the plugin! Also I want to thank Lord_Zath for helping me test the plugin and writing the README file. A thank you also goes to all the people on NBR which are taking part in the developement of this plugin.

If you have a Alienware laptop / computer that is not yet supported and you are willing to help me developing the support for it, please contact me, and I will built in the support for your model.

Update 31.10.2010: Fixed that the plugin is crashing winamp when closing winamp or stopping the plugin. The plugin now also automatically detects on which alienware laptop it is running.

Pidgin AlienFX-Notification Plugin

I just finished my AlienFX-Notfication plugin for pidgin. It notifies the user of a new message by using the leds provided by an alienfx device.

Currently only the version for the Alienware Mx15x Laptop model is aviable as I lack the information for the other laptops and pc’s.

Update: I managed to fix the bug which sometimes caused the AlienFX-Device to crash.

Download: Continue reading