OpenGL Wald Demo

I wrote this small demo in the past year or so, don’t really know any more when I started.
During this time I developed my OpenGL and C++ Skills and rewrote certain parts of my small
framwork countless Times. Finally I want to start on my first game, so I declare this demo
as finished. I know there would be still much to do and to improve but I simply don’t want
to develop on this demo any more.

Currently it features
– XML shader system (from shader 2.0 to 4.0. System is captable of using geometry shaders but
I didn’t use it in this demo)
– real time shadows (I used a method to improve the quality of the shadows which was developed
by Thomas “Schrompf” Schulze –
– Small GUI (used for the value and camera editors)
– value and camera editor (for easily chaning parts of the demo)
– terrain rendering with smooth blending between two detail levels
– Water with “correct” reflections
– some sort of pseudo instancing for the gras. Uses new draw_instanced extension if aviable
– Frustrum culling an lots of other standard stuff

Needed Extensions:

  • completely OpenGL 2.0


Youtube Video:

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