Pidgin AlienFX-Notification Plugin

I just finished my AlienFX-Notfication plugin for pidgin. It notifies the user of a new message by using the leds provided by an alienfx device.

Currently only the version for the Alienware Mx15x Laptop model is aviable as I lack the information for the other laptops and pc’s.

Update: I managed to fix the bug which sometimes caused the AlienFX-Device to crash.


Mx15 Version (Source & Binaries currently Windows only):

Missing the version for your Alienware Laptop / PC? Help me creating it by executing a small program of mine which is collecting information about your alienfx device. After completion of this program you should please send me back the “results.log” file. The program does nothing evil. It simply tests all posible leds connected to a alienfx device and asks you if something has changed and what. The e-mail address to send it back to me is stated at the end of the program. You can download it here.

The warning at the begin of the program is just that I get no troubles with the law in the case that something goes wrong.
If your alienfx device stops working while or after using the program you need to restart your pc to fix this.

3 thoughts on “Pidgin AlienFX-Notification Plugin

  1. Are you going to make this compatible with the new M17x? Also, are you still working on the Winamp plugin for the M17X?

  2. Hi,
    yes I’m still planning to make it work with the new m17x. Also I’m still working on the winamp plugin. But currently I’m in lack of spare time to do this. Also I’m in lack of someone with a m17x who uses pidgin and could test the plugin. But by now I would have the means to make it work on a new m17x. So if you would like to contribute by testing the m17x pidgin plugin it would be a great help to me.

    Regards Ingrater

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